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29 January 2000 ... Picture Time
Picture time. It's been a while since I have put any photos up, so here we go. Here I am being silly at Christmas time. My family tries it's best to all gather together at my grandparents house during the holidays. I had tons of fun there.

I had the time of my life sledding in Grandpa's pasture! I tried my brother's snow board once. This picture is of the split second that I was actually able to keep my balance.

The cows in the pasture didn't know what to make of us. I walked over to moo at them but they all ran away.

I took my digital camera to work on my last weekend and got a few pics. I wasted half my memory and all my batteries attempting to photograph the animals. These dogs are both Cocker Spaniels. George is the blonde on the left and Bailey is the parti on the right.

And, of course, my own beloved Adric the guinea pig.

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