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26 January 2000 ... Last Times
Ah, Freedom. Today was my last day of work. Lots of "lasts" today, going through my head. I didn't have any baths today, so yesterday was my last bath. It was my last time to take care of dogs and cats. Last time to clean surgical instruments and pack the surgical packs. Last time to put surgery drapes in the washing machine. Last time to work the autoclave.

Last time to hold a dog or cat to get it's yearly check-up. Last time to clean up after the pissers. :) Last time to wash doggie dishes. Last time I will have to worry about getting ringworm or sarcoptic mange from an animal. Thank goodness. Last time I will have to deal with painfully dry hands from all the washings.

Last time to comfort a crying puppy who just got her shots. Last time to take a dog out for a walk. Last time I have to see stingy owners who don't want to do anything for their animal until it's on the brink of death. Last time I have to witness those borderline abuse cases. Last time I will lay a hand on an animal as the doc gives it a shot of the pink juice.

Last time to give lifegiving fluids to a sick one. Last time to deal with a parvo puppy because the owners didn't bring him in for the puppy series of booster shots. Last time to clean the cages. Last time to give a boarding dog a quick clean up on his way out the door to go home. Last time to see an emergency surgery. Last time to watch the doc neuter a cat and think, Man, I could do that. Last time to have my feet hurt from standing around on concrete all day.

Last time to lean over the tub to pet a soapy dog. Last time to make fun of animals coming out of anesthesia. Last time to see puppies grow as they come in every three weeks for shots. Last time to wake up at 7am on sundays just to go in and take care of the animals. A last nail trim and a final clean up, and that's all there is to it.

Now it's all over, two years of my life in my rear-view mirror. I am very tired, but a little bit of rest will cure that. And then, on to the next adventure...

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