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25 January 2000 ... Winston
Today at work I saw Winston for the very last time. Winston is my boy. :) He's a ten pound Yorkshire Terrier who has been coming in for a bath every couple of weeks for his entire life. Winston was born 25 May 1998 and he has been coming to me to get groomed ever since then. We have built quite a relationship in that time.

As a puppy, Winston was a little terror. Always squirming and he would bite when you tried to mess with his face. But I am proud to say that I never did a half-ass job on his grooming, everything got brushed and cleaned, even his little ferocious face. It didn't take very long to cure him of his biting habit. And he grew out of his squirming. Mostly.

These days he is very well behaved and I love to spend time with him. He always gives me little doggie kisses on my chin. I am going to miss Winston. And all the other animals I know at work.

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