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19 January 2000 ... Work and Web Projects
I have exactly a week left of work before I quit. One of my goals is to not get bit or scratched or in any way get bloody at work. Granted this should have been a goal all along. But now I am very conscious of it. Overly conscious, actually. I have lost some of my confidence in working with the animals. Not good. I don't have a lot of self-confidence as it is... I can't afford to lose even more! Maybe I should turn the whole goal thing around and see how many more scars I can put on my hands in the next week. heh.

Yesterday I put in my side bar that I wanted to make more web sites. This desire comes and goes. Designing sites is pretty hard work for me. I have to get very focused, I will get up early in the morning, working through all the day, often forgetting to eat food. I am hoping that when I don't have to go in to work every day, that I will not only be able to do this work, but also want to do this work. Like writer's block, it is very difficult for me to get started, knowing that web design is hard work.

But I have plans for my new site. They aren't very concrete, tho, which means the making will take more work because I will be experimenting with the look I want. I have a logo in mind, as well. I am thinking about a Unicorn page, because of my oh so popular poem and there are unicorn movies and books that I want to review. And speaking of which, I have not updated my Libraries in a very long time, and I have lots of books I want to recommend.

But then I have a million other projects that I want to do after my job ends. It's almost as if I have been waiting my whole life to be jobless. And yet, horrible lazy person that I am, I will probably get nothing accomplished, ever. But maybe if I make my projects more public, it will give me more impetus to start and complete these things... hm. Maybe more side bar?

Everybody please send kind, healing thoughts to my grandma. She does not feel so good today.

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