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18 January 2000 ... Randomness
There is a lot on my mind lately. So this is going to be one of those sprawling journal entries in which I talk about lots of random things...

I have been doing a lot of reading about writing lately. Last month it was The Artist's Way and Journal to the Self. This month it is Natalie Goldberg's books, Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind : Living the Writer's Life.

Mostly I think I am reading to avoid writing. I do want to write, I am just a lazy bum. I do consider myself a writer... I have over two hundred entries in this journal, I have a stack of papers four inches high of paper journal. But of course, none of this is "real" writing.

In other writing news. Someone found my Unicorn poem and I recently gave her permission to re-publish it on her site. Please visit Cathy's Unicorn Page. (Site went down.)

I am not so far way from a move across the country. I have to think about getting rid of some of my stuff, rather than tote it two thousand miles. ugh. I don't know how it happens but I form this, um, attachment to most of my things. Even to stuff I don't particularly like. Other than my bed, I own exactly two peices of furniture, both of which I hate. One is worthy only of the trash bin, the only redeeming quality of the other is that it is still sturdy. And when I think of trashing them out... my mind goes "But, wait!"

I have been working on getting my own domain. This is not an easy project. I'm not sure why they have to make everything so complicated. But, I now own my domain, For the moment, it is unceremoniously parked, if you happen to visit, you will see an "under construction" page. I had been having problems figuring out my new mail system but slowly and surely that is falling into place. yipee.

I found a cool site at Paranormal Phenomena. That's fun stuff. But it kind of sends chills too. I like the article about phantom dogs. Go look at the gallery too. Page 1 in the gallery has some very spooky sound files...

okay. Well, that's enough silliness for today. :)

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