The Fox and the Stone

Once upon a time there was a stone. It was a beautiful stone, perfectly round and smooth with all kinds of pretty colors running through it. The stone lived in the forest next to a cool and clear stream. One day a fox trotted by. She saw the stone lying there among all the other stones. She saw it was perfectly round and smooth, and she admired all the pretty colors running through it. The fox carefully picked up the stone in her mouth and took it home with her. She went into her den and placed the stone in the back where it would be safe. But it was very dark in the back of the den. The fox could feel how perfectly round and smooth the stone was, but she could not see the beautiful colors. This made the fox sad.

The End.

What beautiful stone are you hiding at the back of your den, in the dark recesses of your mind?

©2000 by Cheri -rift- Meier of

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