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10 January 2000 ... Thanks
Well, folks, it's been two years. Today is my antithesis of a Thanksgiving day. And yet I insist on thanking people in my life. Well, I never claimed to be normal.

  • My thanks go to my family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts and Cousins. Thanks for being wonderful.
  • Thanks to Adric the guinea pig for deciding to stick around with me for a little while longer.
  • Thanks to Sam for taking care of me at work.
  • Thanks to my computer for making so much possible, and not crashing too often.
  • Thanks to my forum friends, tho I have not been so active this year. Thank you Folle, thecompany and everyone else, just for being there.
  • Big Thanks to all my on-line and real-life friends, new and old! Dax, WC, narul, Melissa, Hollie, Russ.
  • And my next door neighbor, 'thanks' is not enough but I will say it anyway... Thank you, Almost. ;)
{{{{{{{{Love and Hugs to ALL}}}}}}}} Thanks for putting up with me!

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