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9 January 2000 ... Lazy Sundays
Ah, beautiful, lazy Sundays, I love them. I stood out on my porch for a long time. Watching the grey sky and the rain come down and the wet streets and the traffic below and the dead kudzu vines still hanging on the green pines. The cold couldn't get past my pretty green coat, but it was still good to come in to my small warm apartment and sip fresh mocha, not too hot. I have not done much today, I have read plenty, I wrote a few thank you notes, not much but enough.

Lazy days remind me of one summer I spent in Fort Collins. I think it was 1996. I had a job but I don't think I ever clocked more than 25 hours in a week. I was sub-leasing a room from a friend, in _The_ house in the Fort. Everyone acknowledged that this was the best house ever. Within biking distance of the college but more important, it was within walking distance of down town and many of the good bars there. Right across the street was a small mom and pop grocery store. My house was the only home on the block, to our right was a church, to our left was a little museum house and there was a little school at the back of the block, with no kids because it was summer after all. The back yard was fenced in and for a little while there was a dog or two. There was a club-house in the back as well: you climbed the stairs and there was this little room, carpeted with a small couch and windows and enough room for six or eight partiers who wanted to be quietly drunk and talk and smoke and whatever. In other words, the whole place was just absolutely Perfect.

My house-mates never bothered me. I had a room to myself, upstairs in the front of the house. I would lay on my bed and look out past the vines, past the lovely trees in the front yard. I saw couples come out married at the church next door, get carried off in a horse and carriage, their reception being held on the lawn of the museum on the other side of the block. I saw people and kids walking down the boulevard. Occasionally I would go out drinking, once the party even ended up in my own little club-house. smiles. There were some good times there. It was a very quiet and relaxing time...

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