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13 January 2000 ... Leaving the Job
Well. It's been a day. A week actually, but today was the culmination. Today I faced up to my boss and told him I was leaving. That was the scariest thing I have done in a long while. And actually that was the first time I have actually had to put in a notice. Always before, I've had better communication with my bosses and I let them know how long I would be working there when I was hired. In other words, I told them it was a summer job, or I was working weekends until I graduated. This was my first real job.

Anyway. It was really scary to go into his office and say "I'm leaving." I mean, what exactly do you say after that?? um. Well, I got through it, even if I stumbled over all my silly words. :)

But, kind of like the suicidal who has made that final decision and is suddenly more happy with life and more at peace... I decided today that I really do love my job now that I am leaving it. I think, My Gods, I get to help animals everyday. I get to work with some pretty incredible people. The work is engaging and interesting and sometimes something happens there that is absolutely fantastic. And I get to take care of animals in my own special way.

I hate to give my job up, even tho I have had plenty of reasons to shout "Take this job and shove it!" The low pay, the ever increasing scars on my hands and arms, the bad gossip about co-workers, very often the lack of appreciation, etc, etc. Not to mention the emotional aspects of working in a vet clinic. It is time to move on before my burn-out turns explosive.

So. The decision has been made and it has been made final. In two weeks I will be jobless. And probably happier.

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