first garden bounty
sat 22 june 2013

Yay sweet snap peas! The pea plants are very happy, and we got our first serious load of snap peas today!

The rest of the garden is still in growing mode.

And I am still in weed killing mode:
  The planted areas, I quickly weed with a stirrup hoe.
  The grassy areas, we are slowly digging up with the fork: the grass dies and then I add that to my stirrup hoe area.
  And then I just stare with displeasure at this cover crop area where the garlic USED to be. *sighs* The garlic has died and the cover crop is Berseem clover... I should take a pic, it's starting to bloom over there! Also a few Borage plants, making the bees happy.

borage is not a weed

The borage plants are companions to all the "fruit" vegetable plants. Those beautiful star-shaped flowers attract bees like crazy. And bees are necessary if you want tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini!

As we were leaving the garden today...

sparrow in the community garden

singing a beautiful song!

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