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sun 16 june 2013

Today we said a sad farewell to our established strawberry patch. Unfortunately the grass had become more established than the strawberry plants, so the entire thing had to go.

I did save a couple handfuls of plants, tho. The strawberries were so yummy, I could not imagine the garden without them!

cucumber blossom

The rest of the garden is coming along nicely. Blossoms showing up, here and there. I ate a good handful of sweet snap peas. I should probably not go to the garden, hungry. I can't bring it home if I've already eaten it all!

tiny wild flowers

I am a happy user of the Google Reader... and like the strawberry patch, we will say a sad farewell to Reader on July 1st. Not because of weeds, and not because of... well, actually, I'm not sure why the Reader is going away. Google is just dumb I guess.

Anyway. I have been patiently awaiting the Digg Reader to be built. But, with just two weeks left, and no current updates... I'm getting a little concerned.


Yes, I must have a reader. a decent one. that looks good. and functions like the Google Reader.

I have already determined that I don't like Feedly, which is the most popular rss reader after google. And with that, I gave up on the free readers.

FeedBin looks like it will work for me. But, if I have to pay, I'd like to wait and see what the Digg Reader will look like (since it'll probably be pay as well).

watching us thru the window

ha! I almost forgot the squirrel at work...

squirrel story


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