animal thoughts
sun 23 june 2013

I am still trying, with not much success, to capture the cuteness of the black-faced guinea pigs.

Here's Lucy. She's mostly black... and look at her cute little left hand: black hand, white fingers!

lucy the guinea pig

And here's Ethel, drinking water. She's mostly white, and she's the more easy-going of the pair.

ethel drinking water

I went for a walk on the bike path this week, and saw my first dragonflies of the season.

And I'm pretty sure the mournful squawking I heard this morning was the baby crow that I've been waiting for! Maybe he or she was mournful because it's the first time being left alone? It didn't last long, maybe 15 minutes, and then there was a different crow speech: Here I am, you don't have to be sad!

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