new piggie routine
fri 14 june 2013

Approximately 6:25am-ish, I am walking down the stairs, and Lucy and Ethel are running to the front of their house to greet me! I pet them both and then go to the kitchen and prepare the good part of their breakfast...

But first, I clean their house. The new bedding is towels, so I just roll it up and shake it out in the trash. easy!

And then the strawberries come out. Lucy loves strawberries! Ethel, just eats them because Lucy is eating them. I fill up their dish with kibble and give them a good pile of hay, and rinse out the water bottle and set it up with fresh vitamin C water.

Before I leave for work, I pick them up, one at a time and sit with the one and the other on the couch. Ethel is impatient with lap time, she squirms and wants to walk around... and meantime Lucy is running back and forth and anxiously chewing on the fence. Other way around: Ethel couldn't care less if she's alone in the house, and Lucy sits quietly in my lap enjoying my attention. Funny girls.

piggies eating hay

I come home from work and give pats. I eat dinner then clean their house again. Maybe baby carrots or some celery slices.

And they can run around on the floor for a few minutes. They run a couple laps around the coffee table. Next, they make investigations in other parts of the living room. They have yet to get very far, but it won't be long before they are wandering thru the kitchen.

Later in the evening, I've been attempting some teaching time. Lucy and Ethel are very easy to pick up... but I'd like to make it even easier by teaching them to climb up on my hand!

A couple carrots guiding the way, and Ethel understands the new trick. Lucy is a bit more wary about being picked up, but she loves carrots too, so it's just a matter of time!

I go to bed at a decent hour, but Significant Other stays up all night and gives out celery or carrots capriciously!

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