end of LetterMo
fri 1 mar 2013

A month of letters

Yay Mail! During february I joined the LetterMo challenge to send mail out every day and I sent out a total of 108 bits of snail mail. Mostly postcards, a few cards, and letters for three Amnesty International cases.

The one new thing that I really loved about this year's LetterMo website: the "What have you mailed today?" widget, which shows up on your LetterMo profile.

I just loved filling it out every day! It had a text block for writing about what you sent and you could upload a pic. Here's an example that I uploaded to Google Plus: 02.16

A secondary LetterMo goal was to write replies. I wanted to write two or three a week. haha. I wrote a total of five replies! But, in my defense: I had actually kept up with the replies until the very last week... which brought a plethora of LetterMo mail!

I put one postcard reply in the mail this morning. And I intend to continue with my replies.

At the beginning of LetterMo, I had sent a postcard to Save the Rupert VT Post Office. The owner of that cute little PO is an artist, and she offered to reply with art postcard! Here's the art postcard she sent me:

Jane Davies art postcard!

Yay Art!

I love her art. And I intend to send her a thank you card soon!

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