sat 2 march 2013

A couple warmer days, and it seems like Spring might be coming. When I went out walking today, I wanted to bring home Proof! And here it is:

the sign of spring

Daffodils and Crocuses are blooming!

I also FINALLY found our Little Free Library...

Eugene's first Little Free Library

It was installed in June 2012, and I loved it but didn't see it on my regular walks. ha... It is exactly one house down from where I thought it was!

Inside, the only book that interested me was the big one, which is by Anais Nin. I do have several books to trade for it. Maybe I will head back there tomorrow! (Like I don't have enough to read already!)

And like I don't have enough mailing hobbies... this morning I discovered this:

  Etegami ... is a Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand-painted drawings accompanied by a few apt words, and they are almost always done on postcards for quick and easy mailing.

What?! how did I not know about this??

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