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fri 22 feb 2013

I usually buy stamps about once a month.

0.33 apple postcard stamps

I am sending out mail every day during february. Many, many postcards... but I did not think I would run out of postcard stamps.

After all, postcard stamps come in rolls of 100.

I am sending out plenty of mail, but not all of it is USA postcards...

0.29 herb postcard stamps

Plus, I had started out the month with the old herb stamps...

I loved the herb stamps! I am very sad that they don't sell them anymore. :( I have one, un-opened roll left of the herb stamps. I'm keeping it. For what? I don't know!

In other words, it's getting towards the end of february, and I still have some postcard stamps left.

So, here's the real problem...

$1.10 International Stamps

I've been sending international postcards and letters almost every day!

I jammed through an entire sheet of the new Global stamps in just a week!

Ha! I bought more. And decided to take it easy with my Amnesty International mailings.

But, really... sending out mail is my hobby. I should be proud to be buying more stamps!

Yes. Yay Stamps!

Two Weeks of Mail

February LetterMo Daily Mail
Total Mail: 78 (for 18 mailing days)
Reply: several (I need to keep better track!)


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