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fri 15 feb 2013

So: last week I was sick. And then some stuff happened. And then some other stuff happened. And now I am making an effort to put the stuff behind me.

And to celebrate my forward motion... I went out and got a Post Office Box!

Yes! Now I can display my address for all the world to see! Please write me! I promise to send you a postcard if you include your return addy!

rift vegan
PO Box 23724
Eugene, OR 97402

I am surprisingly happy about my new po box.

It's partly about supporting the US mail. I will continue to use my home address for my postcards... Yeah, I really want my home mailbox to continue to be happy! :)

I'll use the PO Box as my return address for my ongoing political mail. Probably, it doesn't matter that the random/non-democratic/maybe-evil governments know where I live... but maybe they are sending the zombies directly to my house to make me one of them!

You never know.

Two Weeks of Mail

February LetterMo Daily Mail
Total Mail: 52 (for 13 mailing days)
Reply: um, still at 0
except maybe a "Thank You" note counts as a reply?


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