Happy Snail Mail
sat 2 feb 2013

A month of letters

Yes, I Send Mail!

A single postcard went out on the first of february.

Today's mail includes 2 PostCrossing postcards, protest letters for Amnesty International, and 1 "Save the Post Office" postcard...

My PostCrossing account has been inactive for years(? maybe). Here's what my most recent newsletter from them said:

Postcards sent: 0 (251)
Postcards received: 0 (254)
Days your mailbox was happy: 0 :-(
Country ranking by sent: 1408th
Country ranking by distance: 1409th

It'll be interesting to see what my next newsletter says!

The "Save the Post Office" postcard was for the cute little post office in Rupert, Vermont, USA. The post mistress there is going to send out 200 handmade art postcards in reply to the art postcards she receives.

And speaking of replying to mail...

The other half of the LetterMo challenge is to "Write back to everyone who writes to you."

For various reasons, I have trouble writing back.

I don't really know why, but I get major procrastination and writer's block when it comes to replying to mail.

So for LetterMo, I would really like to work on this issue. My goal is to reply to two or three mailings every week!

Happily, this weekend's mail brought some treats which will be very easy to reply to! :)

February LetterMo Daily Mail
Total Mail: 8 (for 2 mailing days)
Reply: 0 (but planning lots!)


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