Vegan Month of Food
sat 13 oct 2012

One of my favorite blogs, It's Easy Being Vegan is celebrating the october Vegan Month of Food by posting photos of everything she eats. It's quite interesting, so I decided to that today!


Always start the day with some coffee. I buy the MimicCream at VeganEssentials. It's really good, but I usually drink my coffee black with tons of sugar and some cocoa powder.

That's one of my favorite coffee mugs, too. Greenhill Humane Society was a way station for Rhino the guinea pig!


A great brunch: Tater Tots, tomatoes from the garden, and some Yumm! sauce. Yumm! sauce is the best thing ever. Unless you live in the area, you can't get it easily. But that's okay...Yumm! sauce is very similar to Annie's Goddess Dressing, which you can buy at your grocery store!! I _highly_ recommend you try this out, if you haven't yet!


A few cherry tomatoes from the garden... where the plants are dying and the wild flowers are taking over!

Divine Cupcake

And we stopped by Divine Cupcake on the way home. This is a new flavor for me, Jasmine Berry. I got it because it is beautiful. But it tasted good as well.

pasta for dinner

And pasta for dinner, with the ever present garden tomatoes! heh.

This is "flavored" rotini pasta with some crunched up whole wheat thin spaghetti thrown in. Oregon Spring tomatoes and Early Cascade tomatoes. Two sheets of ripped up nori (the seaweed they use for sushi) (I love that stuff!). And some Oil and Vinegar salad dressing by Paul Newman.

The taste test happened after the photo... and it was a little too "tomato-y", so I added some green peas to sweeten it up.


My one real vice. A few drinks on the weekend.

And for supper? I'm not sure yet...

There is leftover fried brown rice, which Significant Other made for friday dinner. It would be wonderful with tomatoes and Yumm! sauce.

Or I have a bit of leftover baked tofu that I've been eating on a sandwich for lunch most of the week...

This was actually the best tofu I've ever made: I sliced up the tofu block, loaded my baking tray with Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette, a bit of canola oil, and big handful of diced tomatoes (of course). After coating the tofu, I broiled it on high for 15 mins, flipped the tofu and broiled until it just started turning dark.

very simple. but wow, put the results on bread, and I was looking forward to lunch time every single day!

But! Supper is probably an hour or two away... I will post pics of whatever I chose to eat, later!

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