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sat 3 mar 2012

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The Month of Letters is over. I am so glad that I participated. I sent out at least a postcard every day, and after the last weekend of february, I put 13 letters and notecards in the mail on monday morning! yay mail!

I rewarded my enthusiasm with a couple gifts for myself...

stationery and stamp coffee mug

Some stationery which makes me happy and a coffee mug from the US Post. :)

I took a single day off from mailing (March 2nd) but this morning I am back at it! heh: I go through all this self doubt because I mailed a lot of stuff in february, I got out all my "january" postcards and then some... but I am just now designing my "february" postcard, and I will have to mail Even More if I want to get caught up with a "march" postcard.

And so the self doubt. Such a big project! Maybe I should just quit! I will never catch up!

But I love sending out my postcards. Showing people my photography and telling them about the picture I took. And imagining the happy surprise when someone opens their mailbox and finds some real mail.

New Family Member
sat 10 mar 2012

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Rhino in the house!

Rhino the guinea pig

Yay guinea pig!

Rhino is quite nervous about humans and it will probably be a good long while before he calms down because of his history. I guess he was shuffled around to friends after he lost his first home. An aunt finally brought him to the humane society on 17 feb. He got his picture taken and his profile was displayed on the humane society web site last weekend. And Significant Other and I brought him home yesterday.

Rhino is just over 2 years old and is a Silkie guinea pig. His long hair will have to be cut once a month, and they showed us how to do that. But he's very annoyed at being touched, he tenses up if you pat anything other than his head, and he's already snapped at me a couple times!

Patience: there is much work to be done.

rhino the guinea pig

fri 16 mar 2012

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Not a very good week. Started out with my credit card number getting stolen... it was being used frivolously at 200$ and 300$ a pop, several times over. A curse on thieves.

and then, day job problems abound. and continue. I am a bit frustrated about the stuff there.

But!! It is the weekend now! I am focusing on the happy things. And I am determined to get good things done!

And here's something awesome! a frog!

I've lived in Oregon for seven years now. Every late winter the Pacific Chorus Tree Frogs sing their beautiful song. I was so lucky to meet one, once: we found a frog sitting in a wet umbrella at work, and we set him free down the street in a green area with a pond.

What amazed me about the little lost frog... he was so very tiny! Just sitting there he was maybe an inch long.

This week, another tree frog was found and captured in the warehouse. I came back from lunch and a plastic cup was on my table with a paper covering it, "Be Careful!"

I was very careful when I lifted the paper, even tho I had no clue as to who was being contained. A frog sat, tucked up, in the bottom of the cup.

He was a bit dry and lethargic.

"We Must Set Him Free!" was my immediate reaction.

and then I grabbed my camera!

Pacific Chorus Frog

And then he slowly crawled underneath the leaves. I think he'll be okay.

Snow Day
wed 21 mar 2012

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Six Inches of SNOW! At least! It was amazing! and Wonderful to walk to work this morning!

snow on the bike path

The internet was down at the day job, and, unrelated, our order processing software was broken! ha! I worked for about five hours then caught a ride home.

Anyway. I'm sure the snow is a record breaker... we get excited about a single flake of snow, and here we woke up to five or six inches and it's still coming down in big, puffy flakes! (well, it turned to rain around 9am, but there's still plenty of snow left on the ground this afternoon!)

So much for the cherry blossoms. and the daffodils, crocuses and tulips. and the tree limbs...

ficus on the sidewalk

sun 25 mar 2012

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  Rhino the guinea pig Rhino has been with us for two weeks now, and everyone is still trying to adjust! I've discovered that Rhino is Not a morning person. Well, I'm not either, but I still want to spend 10 or 15 minutes with him before I go to the day job. eh: no big deal, we can keep it low key and have breakfast (a carrot) in bed! :)

Rhino the guinea pig

  LetterMo Continued In february I took on the challenge to send mail every day; I had fun with the challenge and got into the very good habit of writing postcards every evening. So far in March, I have missed four mailing days. But, I think I'll be sending out more total mail! Yay mail!

  Lettering Classes I am pretty sure that Joanne Sharpe is evil. She has a second class:
Whimspriations: "ARTFUL ALPHABETS"

And I'm only on lesson 5 of her first class! *laughs* Yet another thing that I will never catch up with.

  Amnesty International Urgent Action Letter Writing This weekend I had two Actions to type up letters for. And, more importantly, one of the actions included an address to send a message of solidarity to! This is the first one that I've gotten which was not entirely "Letters of Protest" so I'm especially interested in it.

Here is the blog post about it:
Nuclear Power Plant Protesters Charged With Sedition
This is in India, and the protesters have been threatened, arrested and assaulted. And their village has been cut off by the police and paramilitaries who are blocking goods and people coming into, and out of, the village.

I'm going to send a hand made card to one of the protesters!

sat 31 mar 2012

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Last postcard of the month

And now I'm ready to focus on something else!

Ha! I am not giving up on my postcards and protest letters... I just want to add something new and different to my life.

Thusly, I am going to do a daily blog post month for April.

Usually when I start a blog posting month, I feel like I have tons to say. Which is why I want to do the month of blogging! But this time, I'm not sure what I have to say.

Guess I'll figure it out as I go along!

Or maybe there will be a lot of Photo-Only posts. :)

Yes, I noticed I mis-spelled piece. I'm a dork. ;)

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