fri 16 mar 2012

Not a very good week. Started out with my credit card number getting stolen... it was being used frivolously at 200$ and 300$ a pop, several times over. A curse on thieves.

and then, day job problems abound. and continue. I am a bit frustrated about the stuff there.

But!! It is the weekend now! I am focusing on the happy things. And I am determined to get good things done!

And here's something awesome! a frog!

I've lived in Oregon for seven years now. Every late winter the Pacific Chorus Tree Frogs sing their beautiful song. I was so lucky to meet one, once: we found a frog sitting in a wet umbrella at work, and we set him free down the street in a green area with a pond.

What amazed me about the little lost frog... he was so very tiny! Just sitting there he was maybe an inch long.

This week, another tree frog was found and captured in the warehouse. I came back from lunch and a plastic cup was on my table with a paper covering it, "Be Careful!"

I was very careful when I lifted the paper, even tho I had no clue as to who was being contained. A frog sat, tucked up, in the bottom of the cup.

He was a bit dry and lethargic.

"We Must Set Him Free!" was my immediate reaction.

and then I grabbed my camera!

Pacific Chorus Frog

And then he slowly crawled underneath the leaves. I think he'll be okay.

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