sun 25 mar 2012

  Rhino the guinea pig Rhino has been with us for two weeks now, and everyone is still trying to adjust! I've discovered that Rhino is Not a morning person. Well, I'm not either, but I still want to spend 10 or 15 minutes with him before I go to the day job. eh: no big deal, we can keep it low key and have breakfast (a carrot) in bed! :)

Rhino the guinea pig

  LetterMo Continued In february I took on the challenge to send mail every day; I had fun with the challenge and got into the very good habit of writing postcards every evening. So far in March, I have missed four mailing days. But, I think I'll be sending out more total mail! Yay mail!

  Lettering Classes I am pretty sure that Joanne Sharpe is evil. She has a second class:
Whimspriations: "ARTFUL ALPHABETS"

And I'm only on lesson 5 of her first class! *laughs* Yet another thing that I will never catch up with.

  Amnesty International Urgent Action Letter Writing This weekend I had two Actions to type up letters for. And, more importantly, one of the actions included an address to send a message of solidarity to! This is the first one that I've gotten which was not entirely "Letters of Protest" so I'm especially interested in it.

Here is the blog post about it:
Nuclear Power Plant Protesters Charged With Sedition
This is in India, and the protesters have been threatened, arrested and assaulted. And their village has been cut off by the police and paramilitaries who are blocking goods and people coming into, and out of, the village.

I'm going to send a hand made card to one of the protesters!

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