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sat 10 mar 2012

Rhino in the house!

Rhino the guinea pig

Yay guinea pig!

Rhino is quite nervous about humans and it will probably be a good long while before he calms down because of his history. I guess he was shuffled around to friends after he lost his first home. An aunt finally brought him to the humane society on 17 feb. He got his picture taken and his profile was displayed on the humane society web site last weekend. And Significant Other and I brought him home yesterday.

Rhino is just over 2 years old and is a Silkie guinea pig. His long hair will have to be cut once a month, and they showed us how to do that. But he's very annoyed at being touched, he tenses up if you pat anything other than his head, and he's already snapped at me a couple times!

Patience: there is much work to be done.

rhino the guinea pig

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