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fri 12 oct 2012

I'm walking home from work this afternoon, I'm just past the half-way point and my mind is very much on the weekend.

Just behind me, I hear the screech of tires coming to a sudden stop... and a thump.

I was terrified at what I would see if I turned around to look. But of course I had to turn around.

a silver mini-van was stopped in the intersection.
and a guy and a bicycle were on the ground in front of it.
He was trying to get up and then he did get up.
and he was saying he was okay, and he walked around his bike while his friend held the bike, and the lady got out of the van and did nothing.

a few minutes of this, and the friend waves me off. They move the bikes out of the way, and the cars go on their merry.

The silver mini-van drives past me and I see a dent and I think "that lady got away with murder!"

Yeah, that guy may have been okay? and the bike may have been okay? but my god! you're driving away two minutes after you hit someone! So wrong! Park it and examine the bike while you talk to the guy you almost killed! Exchange phone numbers!

Something! Do Something! Don't just drive away!

*deep breath*

And the update on Toby the stray cat.

D did a great job, last weekend, caring for Toby and putting the antibiotic cream on Toby's scratched up face. Monday, Toby looked great! But on tuesday, toby's face was swelling up again and wednesday, he was worse.

The cut on the top of his head had closed up, and the abscess was growing again since it had nowhere to drain.

So they decided to take him to the vet.

On thursday morning, the abscess broke open under his jaw. This was a good thing! But it looked ugly and he went to the vet anyway.

I haven't seen him since, but I'm sure he's fine.

and D has promised to try to find Toby a home.

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