sun 7 oct 2012


We brought home about ten pounds of tomatoes this weekend! Yes, literally. I didn't actually weigh it, but I have a good idea of what 10 lbs is... and the bag we brought home might actually have been more than that! ha.

But the garden is definitely shutting down for the summer and I've got some over wintering plans.

This is the 4th year that we've been in our Community Garden, and we have done several winter strategy experiments in that time.

One time we laid down black plastic. That seemed to work okay, from what I remember. But I didn't like it. Plastic is definitely not going to save the world, and I do not want random toxic chemicals leaching into the dirt where I plant my food!

Another time, we laid down cardboard boxes. This did not work out at all. The boxes were supposed to disintegrate over the winter in the rain... but they were still 80% intact in the spring, and our plot neighbors complained about the slug haven we created. *sighs*

So this year, I've decided on a cover crop. The idea is that you plant the seeds in the fall, they grow throughout our very mild and very rainy winter, and then in the spring you fork them over about a month before you plant and they provide nutrients in the soil as they break down!

I got some Berseem Clover from Territorial Seed. And we have already cleared out a small space to plant them. We are weeding as we go... a lot of grass has sprung up in the last couple of months. Stupid grass.

Well. The grass I can deal with. I am happy to report that "The Bane of My Existence" -- that invasive weed that I never did identify -- has not returned in strength. There have been a couple small plants, but I murder them in cold sap as soon as I see them!

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