good things - Toby the stray
fri 5 oct 2012

No great blue herons today, but there was a cat who needed a bit of care. Unfortunately, there was pus involved, so that's probably not an appropriate "good things" list item! haha!

uh oh.
now you're all curious about the cat thing, aren't you?

So. D is the guy who owns one of the buildings where I work, and he cares for a few stray cats. We feed them every day, and D takes care of all their medical needs: they are all fixed and they get shots and whatever else they need. Currently our group of cats are Amber, Mr. Blue, and Toby. Toby is a TNR cat who showed up one day earlier this year.

Unfortunately, Toby is a lover AND a fighter. and he shows up this morning with an abscess swelling up half his face. and at the end of the day D shows up with some antibiotic cream.

I'm all, "That is not going to work." The cut is at the top of Toby's head, and his entire cheek and jaw, down to his neck is swollen... there's no way the abscess can drain properly and the cream is going to be next to useless...

In the past, I've worked in a vet clinic: they typically lance and drain and clean out with saline, and then some antibiotics. The animal is always calm and accepting and it is not a big deal in the least.

K, who works in the office, gives us an alternative... she has tons of real life experience with animals. Not only does she have her own critters, she also fosters dogs and kittens, and has for many years. She says the abscess will resolve on it's own, using the antibiotic cream and the vet trip is not necessary.

I remain skeptical about the antibiotic cream thing, but that's what everyone has decided.

I thought I was just going to be there for moral support, since I didn't want to go into the weekend with scratches and bites on my hands! But my friend S was holding Toby, and D was just standing there with the little tube of antibiotic cream.

Just gimme that.
and I took the cream from him and got to work.

Toby was good, yes there was a small amount of pus involved and I'm really glad S didn't throw up or anything! (especially since she insisted afterwards that there was A LOT of pus.) heh.

D stood back and took pictures to show his wife. And then I explained to him to do this twice a day over the weekend.

I guess we'll see how it goes for poor, sweet Toby.

And the Good Thing for my "friday list" of one: Toby the Stray Cat has a whole team of people who care for him.

I only wish this for more animals. Not just cats and dogs and guinea pigs. But goats and cows and sheeps and pigs and chickens and and and.

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