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fri 27 july 2012

Okay, I've got a handful of postcard projects that are due at the end of the month. My goal is to jam them out the door this weekend. And after that... Unless I am totally excited about something, I'm not going to sign up for any new swaps or postcard exchanges.

And by quitting my 50+ monthly pc send out... the frustration and anxiety and overwhelm I was experiencing at the beginning of the month is melting away! Phew!

I hope to get some other stuff done this weekend too.

Joanne Sharpe Letter Love class

Remember the cool class I was taking from Joanne Sharpe? Yeah, I think I got all the way to lesson 5, out of 29? ha. And then I signed up for her journal keeping class, Color Love, as well. And I got to the third lesson in that class. *rolls eyes*

So yep. I hope to get those organized... I think I want to return to the Color Love class first. Re-watch the first few videos and maybe do some experimenting with my art supplies.

Probably should do some relaxing this weekend as well. I haven't even had time to read my books at all this summer... I'm reading the same books I started a couple months ago, and that is just not acceptable! A book a week is my usual rate of reading!

Much to do... gonna go get started on it...

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