10. Multnomah
thurs 26 july 2012

Going back down the hill... Just a couple switchbacks from the bottom of the cliff, there's a wide spot in the path where they set up a bench. Mom and I had eaten lunch here on the way up.

You can almost see the upper part of Multnomah falls through the trees.

Through the trees

And then, if you look the other way... "Hey, Mom! I can see the car from here!"

look very closely and you will see a little red car

haha. At the top of the pic is the Columbia River, which separates the state of Oregon from Washington state. The interstate runs just south of the river.

In the bottom half of the pic, parking runs all up and down the scenic highway. And in the lower left corner of the pic (above/to right of rock in foreground) is the roof of Multnomah Falls Lodge.

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