yay cucumbers
sat 28 july 2012

Yes! The American Slicer Cucumber plant had three cucs that were big enough to pull off today! Yay! And many more on the way!

I was so happy that I ate an entire cucumber in one sitting. Sliced and with Yumm! sauce (a local form of Goddess Dressing).

Significant Other goes to water the plants every day. And every day he brings home a handful of sweet snap peas! We planted them pretty late, so I'm thrilled to be eating them!

Indigo Rose

The black tomatoes are still small and green, but there are dozens! We didn't pick any, but after we left, I had the idea... Fried Green Black Tomatoes! haha!

Other fruits that I am eagerly awaiting... Lemon Cucs, Sweet 100 Cherry Toms, Oregon Spring Toms, and Early Cascade Tom. There are a couple of carrots, too, but it kind of makes me sad to kill a whole plant just for a couple munches.

Which is why I should probably just grow fruits and flowers in the garden!!

There is a wild flower growing that I'm interested in learning more about...

leaf flower

This was in with the weed that was the bane of my existance... It was similar, but it was much easier than the bane to pull up. Of course, it has come back, which worries me a bit. (A little bit of the bane has come back too... and I am aggressive about digging up any that get close to our planted areas!)

The fact that I was never able to put a name to my bane, really annoys me. I have searched and searched and looked at hundreds of pics of yellow flowers (which the bane has), and never got a match with it's leaves.

Which makes me not-so-excited to do a search for this thing. The community garden used to have a Ning site... which I really miss. That's how I found the name of Borage and Comfrey, by posting pics at the forum.

Borage is wild flower which grows in our garden plot. It likes to take over, but it's so helpful that I mostly let it do it's thing! The bees love it... and making bees happy is important to me.

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