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sat 21 july 2012

blue daisy

Since I haven't been biking to the day job this summer, I also haven't been biking to the garden during the week (after work). The community garden is just over a mile from our home, and almost two miles from the day job, so it's not very easy to walk to. And I don't.

But Significant Other waters the plants at our garden plot every day. And we get pretty good work done on the weekend...

While I deal with the weeds around our veges, Significant Other forks out a grassy section.

Today we didn't go to Saturday Market, where we usually get new plants. But I still wanted to plant stuff. So I put down some flower seeds in the new section SO forked.

Marigolds and Snap Dragons. (Thanks AJ!)

Seeds don't grow in our plot for whatever reason. But I keep trying!

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