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sun 22 july 2012

  It's Easy Being Vegan: Evolving Vegan, Art and Craft Supplies

This is a subject that I care muchly about... A few years ago, I actually bought a web site to record my findings about the vegan-ness of all the art supplies. I never did anything with it, because it made me a bit sad finding all these dead animals in stuff that's supposed to bring beauty.

Christine's links are about painting. I don't paint, but it's good stuff to know. I think it would be good to go back to this project. I still "own" the web site, after all. ;)

  When my grandma was alive she decorated her kitchen with African Violets. She's a bit like me, in that she'd forget to water her plants, and never re-potted, and kind of let everyone grow wild. ha.

I've had one version of her African Violets for ages. They bloom a dark, deep magenta and are lovely.

This past xmas, my mom gave me the other version of grandma's AVs. And it has finally started to bloom!

african violet

Yay! Thanks Grandma!!

  I signed up for my first email swap at Swap-Bot. In general, I think email swaps are kind of lame. I signed up at Swap-Bot to exchange snail mail! But this swap caught my attention.

100 Crafty Questions

I have typed answers for about half the questions, and it's pretty fun. I am trying to keep the focus of "my craft" to the postcards I make; which includes photography, computer work, printing and finally writing something interesting. But with all that, it gets distracting, and as I'm typing away, I realize I've been talking about something completely different and I should probably clarify exactly what I'm talking about!

ha. Anyway, it's fun. The questions are public for anyone and all... great journal prompts in there. I'll be printing out my answers for my own paper journal, for sure!

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