postcards (part 2)
fri 20 july 2012

Okay, my announcement on Friday the 13th, that I was "quitting my postcards"... was mostly just frustration at not being able to keep up with one of my self-imposed postcard projects.

I used to design a postcard and send one to everyone in my address book, every month.

This was a great project when I only had 30ish addresses to send to. Then it got to 50 addresses. I started cutting people off my list, because it was too big. But, with my other mailing projects, I couldn't keep up with 50 addresses, anyway, so I started skipping months. But I'm still making amazing postcards that I want to show everyone, and I lose track of what I've sent to whom.

So now the whole project is this big mess that I don't want to deal with anymore. Thusly, "I am quitting my postcards."

Which is not exactly what I meant. I still have many other postcard projects that I need and want to do! I'm just quitting my monthly postcard that goes out to everyone.

To give you an idea of what my postcard life is like... since last friday...
  I've written and sent 21 postcards
  I've spent 70$ at my friendly online post office
  I get a couple of postcards or notecards in the mail every day.

I'm not sure what my new normal is going to be: I do want to continue with my postcards, because they make me happy... but I don't want to get frustrated because I can't send out as many as I wish I could.

Where is my happy medium?!

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