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sat 26 may 2012

My back was not too painful from yesterday's weeding, so I was happy to do garden plot things again today. Significant Other was able to join me, and together we got good things done!

Saturday Market provided us with some baby plants. Today we got some cucumbers and some sunflowers to augment the tomatoes we planted last weekend.


Sunflower babies, and in the background, there are nasturtiums and some strawberries!

I also planted a row of Snow Pea seeds. It is way late for peas, but the weather has been so cool lately, I think it'll be okay. I love peas!

I have major projects this weekend, and I have minor projects this weekend. As is the case, when you are working hard on other things... Ideas for new projects occur.

rift's Octopus Mascot

Ha! What do you do when you have ideas that you don't have time for?

I used to have an Idea Notebook... but that seems more like a black hole, where ideas have the life squished out of them!

I'm thinking maybe I should just start working on the new ideas. Even just a few minutes working on these projects would give them a momentum which I could continue.

But with so many projects going at once -- just like when I am reading three or five books at once -- it takes forever to finish one!

That's frustrating. I need more time! If only my day job could be part-time! "If only", but how will the rent get paid??

And so I plug along, like the turtle in the race against the rabbit.

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