Long Weekend Plans
fri 25 may 2012

"Three and a half Day Weekend" was my mantra for getting thru this week. And now, here we go!

Looks like Significant Other is going to leave me to my own devices for most of this weekend, since he's got his own stuff going on... Just the grand opening of his fav pinball place.

It's all good: we will both be working hard this weekend!

My To Do List #1: Fix Bedroom
With my parents visiting in june, I need to get this place cleaned up!

My To Do List #2: Fix Garden
My goal is to clear out the weeds and have a real, working garden.

I left the day job early today, and this afternoon I spent a good hour at the garden plot. I forked a five foot square area of grass, and then I pulled out roots by hand.

I am very proud of my little section of dirt... unfortunately, the forking may have killed my back, and there's probably eight to ten more hours of weed-killing to do.

*laughs* We might have to be the joke of the Community Garden -- yet again -- this year. eh. We'll see how this weekend goes.

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