sun 27 may 2012


My one year anniversary at Swap-Bot is coming up on the 29th of May!

I have completed 35 swaps there (and I just printed up postcards for my next swap). My swaps are mostly "flat mail" type swaps, but I've also done 4 "package/craft" swaps. I currently have 78 "Fives", meaning all my partners have received the stuff I sent them... and I have 59 "Hearts", meaning 59 of my partners LOVED the stuff I sent them. :)

Some of the swaps that I am proud of:

  One Sentence Journal - October 2011

A page from my One Sentence Journal

I loved doing this, but it was a lot of work! :) The journal I made was mostly a photo journal, and some pages had sketches, and some pages were just my one sentence of the day.

This was Swap-Bot's 100,000th swap, and participants could choose what they wanted to send their partner. I decided to send weekly postcards for several months. Fun!

  Art Journal Postcard Swap

Art Journal Postcard

My very first exchange on Swap-Bot.

And Currently, I'm in the Thank You Swap-Bot exchange, in which we send a postcard to the owners of Swap-Bot, telling them how amazing Swap-Bot is! I haven't decided which postcard I'm going to send... I might have to send more than one! :)

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