sat 19 may 2012

Visited our community garden plot today, and it's actually starting to looking like a semi-real garden! A few weeks ago, I was in complete despair... But now I think we might actually grow some stuff. Yay!

Significant Other has been doing some great work, killing weeds in the garden, while I waste my time at the day job. Remember the weeding tool? Well, the second one broke after it's _second_ visit to the garden. arg! But enough of the evil weed has been killed by weeding tools number one and two that I didn't think it necessary to buy weeding tool number three.

(Next project: work on getting replacements from Fiskars.)

(and side note: the hand-held weeding tool is pretty handy. Plus, it hasn't broken once! I've used it extensively, with no back pain or shoulder pain... I do have to brace myself with my knee tho, and the muscles in my right thigh have been getting the workout of their lives!! )

Anyway. Significant Other had cleared out a space big enough to start planting things! We got some starts at Saturday Market, and now our garden plot doesn't look like a joke any more. :)

Lemon Thyme

Four different kinds of tomato plants and a couple herbs. Plus some flower seeds tossed down randomly!

We still have work to do... the other half of our plot is filled with 4 foot tall grass which we need to kill before the people in charge start threatening to kick us out. One of the community garden rules: weeds can't be over 18 inches. And grass is definitely a weed.

Ha. They threaten to revoke our membership every single year. But I'd like to change things up this year, and clear out the weeds before they start complaining. ;)

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