yes, rain
wed 11 apr 2012

It's rained on and off all day... and I feel better.

No more complaining; there's plenty of time to do a little bit of the important things. I can play on-line for a few. And spend some time with little Rhino. I can write a few postcards and maybe read a few pages. And I can get a good nights sleep.

Plenty of time.

On my walk home this afternoon, little sprinkles but not enough to get the umbrella out. Up ahead, a homeless guy is working the traffic at the corner. It's a fairly busy intersection, plus there's a grocery on the block, so occasionally there will be a person or a couple begging there.

Almost always, it's someone I don't recognize. Today it was a guy with a dog. Little tan mixed breed with a boxer looking face, with the short coat and no body fat he was probably chilly in the rain.

Two people came bounding across the street, chatted for a moment with they guy, then bounded back towards the KFC, all smiles and laughter. They had left a big bowl for the dog who was chowing down on mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. And the homeless guy was all smiles as well, as I walked past him.

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