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thurs 12 apr 2012

I love to read, but lately I... have found it difficult to find my next book. I'm not sure why. and I am down to reading just three books:

  Henry David Thoreau's Journals I read journals #1 - 7 (of 14) a few years ago when I was a jobless bum, and now I'm reading #8 - 14. I am currently in the end of journal #10, May 1858. Thoreau has definitely found his voice, and some of the entries are very long. Enjoying it!

  The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson I love Carson's writing and this book is incredible. I am not an "ocean" person, but through Carson, I could be!

  The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Okay, technically this is a digest-form magazine, but at 258 pages I'm going to call it a book! :) The stories are great and I am so glad I finally re-subscribed to this one.

I think I need more fiction in my life, and I've decided to go back to Pern. Dragons make me happy.


I'm going to start with the Todd McCaffrey books, rather than at the beginning. Dragon's Kin. I've read it and I remember I didn't love it as I loved Anne McCaffrey's books... (and that may be why I quit reading Pern books.) But this is the start of a new series, and Anne McCaffrey has died so this is what we have in the Pern world.

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