tues 10 apr 2012

I've been a little bit frustrated lately, about not being able to do everything I want to do. The weekend was not long enough, and evenings after the day job are crammed.

It's a bit of spring fever, as well. It's warmer, still with the clouds but some hazy sunshine has made it down to the earth. And I would just rather not be stuck at work all day!

ha. It started raining again on my walk home this afternoon... so maybe the spring fever will, what? go into remission? And this evening I will be sure to set aside some meditation time.

But I do need to start getting serious about the garden plot. And I've not done any of my Lettering Class assignments in ages. And I'd love to bury myself in a book. And I must keep going on the spring cleaning. And there are postcards to get out, of course. And it'd be nice to take a photo for the April postcard. And the bread machine is dying and I can't live without a bread machine! And why do I keep signing up for Swap-Bot trades? And I need to go for a walk in the park to listen to the birds. And my house plants need to be re-potted. And the million other things my brain has to contemplate.

ha. see? meditation.

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