ted talks science
mon 9 apr 2012


We switched tv services recently and now we're getting the Science channel. I had Significant Other record one of the Ted Talks Science episodes and we watched it this afternoon.

Quite interesting. Bill Gates talked about getting the world down to zero CO2... we need a lot of people churning out a lot of ideas in every single area of renewable energy and nuclear.

Another guy talked about how important trial and error is: everyone has a god complex, we think we completely understand a situation and our one idea is definitely the solution. It's not. Through trial and error, we'll get a lot of stuff wrong, but we'll also be able to refine the correct solutions.

I didn't really understand the guy talking about quantum theory. He had a tiny piece of metal that was in "two" places at once: both vibrating and not vibrating. He was very excited about it, but Huh? He never explained how they knew the metal was vibrating and not vibrating, how did they measure that!

and the last guy spoke just a couple minutes about how we all have bias.

They were all very interesting, but so many jammed together into an hour show... doesn't give me time to think about what is being said.

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