Happy New Year
sun 1 jan 2012

Goodbye 2011. It could have been better, but at least I survived it! :)

  2011 turned out to be the Year of the Postcard. *laughs*

I discovered Swap-Bot, and did 18 postcard trades there, plus one package trade. I didn't do much at PostCrossing (currently at 251 pcs) but I did find a wonderful pen pal! The Vegan Pen Pal Project had some rough times, but I think it's back on track. I am hosting my own postcard exchange at GoodReads, which has had some interesting times but it's mostly happy.

My monthly postcard turned into a monster as I attempted to send it to everyone in my address book. 50 postcards a month is fun and all, but impossible to keep up!

  "Read Like Crazy" was a 2011 resolution. I did! in 2009 I read 30 books. In 2010 I read 38 books. And for 2011, I read 45! Yay reading!

  "Put real effort into the Garden Plot." Well, I did put more effort into our garden than I ever have before... but a lack of planning plus a lot of procrastination on top of the horrible weather, resulted in disappointment.

I would like to try again, tho. More flowers in 2012, at the very least! :)

  My other resolution for 2011 was to give amigurumi -- crocheting stuffed animals -- a try. I haven't yet. And I didn't crochet much at all. eh: I might be done with string projects.

As for the coming year, I would like to work on my little procrastination problem...

During December, with all the craziness before my trip to visit my family, I had so much to do that I knew I would not be able to do it all. I had my list, and each time I was deciding on what to do next, I asked myself "what's important?" and went from there.

I've got a few stacks of books that I've bought but haven't read yet... and I've always said that I can't die until I get them all read. ha. I even have a stack of unread books I'm saving because I know I'm going to love them. I'm saving them, for what? a rainy day? the end of the world?

Now, granted I am going to need some books for the end of the world. But what if a bus squishes me before we get there?! What if I get mad cow disease, and I can't read before I die?!

So. I'm going to work on my weird procrastination thing, by asking myself What's Important? and then going from there!

Read my soon-to-be favorite books. Treat my apartment like a home, instead of a temporary way-station. Treat the garden plot as an extension of my home. Figure out a new system for postcards and letters, so I can reply in a timely manner.

Other important things: drawing and doing creative stuff. always responding with kindness. taking care of myself and being happy.

And Most Important! Being Vegan!

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