new copic sketch markers
sat 14 jan 2012

new copic sketch markers

The new colours arrived in the US this week... and of course I had to buy them immediately! The 12 new colours are the named ones above, the colours in parentheses are for my own comparisons of family colours or close colours.

I really like all of them, except E89 Pecan (dark brown is dark brown, I didn't really need another one) and BG90 Gray Sky (which is too pale for my liking).

I just updated my marker count over at my Copic Color profile... I now have 108 sketch markers (out of 358) and 4 wide markers (out of 36)! yay.

And the word from Copic is that these will be the LAST new colours made for a while. They have been coming out with 12 new colours every year for six years now, and have filled up a 72 pc set with them (the Sketch 72E). And honestly, I'm glad... I'm tired of having to re-arrange the shelves in the warehouse to fit in the new colours every stinkin' year! ;)

So. I wish I could update my Copic profile with some actual art. But I've not been doing anything creative at all. Will try to work on that soon...

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