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sleeping and reading
sun 11 dec 2011

I have been sleeping like crazy this weekend! Ten and eleven hours, fri and sat nights... plus a nap on saturday afternoon. I didn't even notice I was tired! ha.

Also reading like crazy. On friday I got a email from GoodReads, telling me I was behind on my reading goal... only 29 books read this year. WHAT?!

Well, that's just plain wrong! And when I did research, I found out it's literally wrong! ;)

Actually, I had read 40 books this year. The problem at GoodReads is that it doesn't acknowledge books that I've read more than once.

I read Guernsey Literary twice this year, and The Art of the Handwritten Note. I also re-read Silent Spring, Good Mail Day, Fox Woman, and a couple others.

Regardless! I still want to bump up my GoodReads number. I read all saturday evening, and finally finished Sophie's Choice. ugh, that was a long, boring book! I'm happy that I can move on to other things now.

My new updated numbers:

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Rift has read 33 books toward her goal of 35 books.

Okay! That's more like it!

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