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Little Joe II Rocket

WC with the Bernoulli Blower Ball
The Space Center, Alamogordo, NM
The Space Museum in the Center was great and they even allowed me and Adric the guinea pig to wander around. The museum has exhibits ranging from the first rockets, to our satellites, to the planets, to space stations.

I was interested in the packaged food that the astronauts have to eat. They had little squares of gram crackers, a bag of instant coffee that you have to add hot water to. They even had Pepsi and Coke with special tops on them. Unfortunately, the shuttles don't have any refrigerators, so the astronauts had to drink the pop warm. In the gift shop they were even selling freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. Ha.

I also had fun at the Bernoulli Blower. This thing blows a column of air up and a nerf ball floats in the air above it. Fun!

The Space Center - Alamogordo, NM

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