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Hoover Dam The highway we were traveling on went right over Hoover Dam! Wow, I didn't even know Hoover Dam was in our part of the country. Behind those hills lies Lake Mead, which is pretty amazing, too... There's this big fat lake in the middle of the damn desert. ha.

Sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway
The Extraterrestrial Highway! This little two lane highway wanders through a couple of mountain ranges before giving you a straight shot at the valley North East of Area 51. Many UFOs have been seen near this highway: either experimental airplanes from the secret military base or craft from another world.

The cars you see parked on the right belong to people working in Area 51. Every work day, an unmarked bus stops here to pick up and drop off the workers.

The Extraterrestrial Highway was fun to drive on... You could go ten or fifteen minutes without seeing another car coming or going. Our destination, a tiny town called Rachel, is about 40 miles up this highway.

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