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Tour of Area 51

Area 51 Research Center sign We went over to the Area 51 Research Center to get a tour. The Center is owned by Glenn Campbell and is run by Don Emory, who took us out on our tour.

The Black Mailbox on Mailbox Road
Our first stop on the tour was the famous "black mailbox," located about 20 miles south east of Rachel, just off the Extraterrestrial Highway. The mailbox, painted white in 1996, belongs to a rancher who raises cattle and actually has grazing rights for land that goes into the Restricted Zone Boundary of the base.

The mailbox is famous because many UFO sightings have been made here. As you can see, the mailbox is covered in "I was here" type graffiti. The highest peak, just to the right of the mailbox post, is Badger Mountain. The next peak over is Tikaboo Peak, currently the closest peak from which you can see Area 51.

Flipped Car
Nope, this is not our car! This is what we found when we turned onto Groom Lake Road on our way to the base boundary. The two aliens from the wreckage seemed mostly okay and we put our tour on hold and drove them to town to get help. And actually, the aliens were from England, not some far away planet. :)

Groom Lake Road Just before sunset, looking down Groom Lake Road. The base boundary is this side of the hills, about 10 miles away. Beyond the hills lies the dry bed of Groom Lake, and the secret military base, Area 51.

Area 51 Warning Sign
And here we are at the base boundary. To our right, security people in a truck have a good vantage point up on a hill. To our left are more warning signs, and two security cameras that we can see.

The signs say Use of deadly force authorized. If you pass the signs, you will be arrested and fined. If you're not shot and killed by security, that is.

    External Links of Interest:
  • The official Area 51 Research Center site.
    This site at, owned by Glenn Campbell, has been frozen since Jan 2000 and is no longer maintained. There is, however, a lot of information here concering the Center, Area 51, UFOs, and much more. Somewhat confusing navigation, tho.
    This site was owned by Don Emory and is now down.

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