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The Little A'le'Inn, Rachel, Nevada

The Little A'le'Inn sign
Boy, talk about desolation. The Little A'le'Inn is in Rachel, Nevada. Population of the town is about 65, next closest town is Ash Springs, almost 45 miles away. Rachel is basically a wide spot on an empty highway, it's only businesses are the Little A'le'Inn -- combination motel, bar and diner -- the Area 51 Research Center, and a little gas station where you can buy regular unleaded for two dollars a gallon.

Inside the Little A'le'Inn The view from my table inside the Inn. Over there in the left corner, behind the Christmas tree, is their souvenir shop. Behind the bar is Ben from Australia.
Here I am, hanging out with the Aliens. :) cheri and the aliens
Clark with the UFO And this is Clark playing with the UFO outside the Little A'le'Inn.

Clark and I stayed at the Inn for three nights, two full days. When we checked in, they told us we could borrow movies and books... when we got to our room, which was actually one half of a trailer home, we found out why the movies were free. No phone, no cable tv.

I don't know how many movies we watched while we were there, but it was a lot. I also read an entire book called UFOs, Close Encounters of the Forth and Fifth Kind. The book was interesting, tho I don't recommend it. It barely touched on alien abductions and was mostly about humans being hypnotized and letting aliens talk through them. Of course, these were the friendly, loving, "we want to help save the earth" type aliens. Not very exciting.

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