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college days
wed 28 Jan 2009

This morning, after the alarm went off the first time, my first coherent thought was, "Do I have any homework I need to work on today?"

laughs, well I guess it wasn't that coherent, seeing as how I graduated college over 11 years ago and haven't had to deal with homework at all since then!!

I often have dreams about being late to class, or not being able to find my class, or moving into the dorms. I guess university made a lasting impression on me... besides the useless letters. (B.S.)

In real life, I don't think I was ever late to my classes. Altho, fairly often I'd have to sprint when I had consecutive classes that were on opposite ends of the campus.

And I did spend most of my college career in the dorms... it was good because my assigned roommate would usually request a different room after a couple weeks of living with me. Apparently I am a hard person to live with. heh.

And I actually enjoyed living in the dorms, once I got my room to myself! People left me alone, the food is all taken care of, my loft was a sturdy peice of engineering (which I WISH I still had!). And I totally loved the fact that the window went across the Entire wall.

I probably spent way too long taking in the view from that window, because I can still see it perfectly in my mind! :)

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