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Fri 28 Nov 2008

Yep, it's a test of the new blogging style, with multiple blog entries on my front page.

hmmm. I guess... I'll get used to it. :)

Here are my most recent NaBloPoMo blog entries...

National Blog Posting Month

  drifting with rift at LiveJournal
28 Nov, Fri: Postcards
27 Nov, Thursday Thanks
26 Nov, Wed: Birds
25 Nov, Tues: Vegan
24 Nov, Monday (with drawings)
23 Nov, Sun: Environmental Vegan
22 Nov, Sat: Sleep
21 Nov, Friday (with guinea pig photo)

And now that NaBloPoMo is coming to an end, I'll be typing here more often... I think I understand now that not every blog entry has to be a two page essay. ;) I can take one random thought and type two or three sentences! Yay, shortness!


Update... Well, I no longer have a splash page. And I no longer have an "About" button, since that pointed to my splash page. Everything will be fixed in the site redesign. As soon as I figure out what I want the redesign to look like! ;)

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