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Nov DrawMo
sun 30 Nov 2008

November DrawMo

November DrawMo

I just finished up my 30th blog post over at RiftVegan at LiveJournal! Which means I typed up a blog post every day this month for National Blog Posting Month. Yay Me!

And those thumbnails above are almost all my drawings that I did this month for my DrawMo!

As you can see, there are only 27 drawings. But I did not show all of my anteater attempts (there were four). And also, today and yesterday's drawings have not been scanned yet. So, there are definitely more than 30 drawings, total.

Yay... November NaBloPoMo and DrawMo: success!

And even more than a success, because I do plan to continue drawing and blogging. I don't feel like I need a break to get my creative energy back... I feel more like I have made a new habit.

And that's a very good feeling!

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